Saxons Pétanque News

2020 What a year!

Bad news Covid 19. Good news, we are all going to be inoculated!

Our Committee

Amazingly your committee have mastered the wonders of the internet.
All of them have managed to be connected at the same time and have held meetings!

Cricklade Town council are backing the club.

They have promised to lop the overhanging trees, and put a French drain in between the playground and the pitch. On top of this they have agreed to us fencing and extending the pitch.

New Saturday Morning Numbers

David Wall has created a new set of numbers for the Saturday Morning sessions. This is not actually recent news, but because of Covid, the new sheets have not yet been used by the club. These new sheets will minimise the chances of playing against another person during Saturday play. If you meet somebody twice, then you will most likely be on the same team once and on opposite teams the other time. This task is a very complicated mathematical problem that is far from simple to get right. It will be really interesting to see how well they work when we have all had our inoculations, and large numbers start playing on Saturday mornings.